Docker & Its Friends

When we start a Docker project, many other technologies are often involved, technologies that we might not have considered at the start. In this post I will tell about my views about Docks, and what to think about before starting with Docker.

The Beauty of Continuous Documentation.

For many, writing documentation is as exciting as traveling collectively in the morning; we’d rather avoid it. Maybe it’s because we think no one will ever read what we’re writing. We think so when we sit down and write, demotivated and tired, so what we write is of course boring and dry.

Why Continuous Documentation Is Cool.

Selling solution to a problem should always include documentation. Documentation that is fun to read. It’s why it must and will become part of Continuous Delivery. But how can we do that? Until now it was almost impossible. Maybe because it was boring, not technical at all. Time has past, and there have come great solutions.

The best Java developers I have worked together with, all have amazing understanding about these 5 technologies. Git, Maven, Regex, Jenkins, and ssl handling are all important, and chances are super high that you will get in touch with some of these in your next Java project - I guess you already have.

How To Learn To Code And Becoming The Best.

Everybody can learn how to code. It’s learning a simple language that you won’t even need to speak. You’ll just write it at your own pace. The real challenge will be to become great or better than others that you work together with.

Embedding Jetty with RESTEasy

I will explain how you would embed the Jetty server together with RESTEasy in a single standalone Java application. The project uses Maven, and it is available to you on my GitHub-account.

REST with Jersey and Jetty as standalone application

In the previous blog entry I wrote about how you run and setup your Java web application as a standalone application with Jetty. In this blog entry I want to show how you can integrate a RESTful interface with Jersey into your Jetty standalone application.

Embedding Jetty Server in a Java Web Application

In the world of microservices and container technologies, we need Java applications to start as standalone units rather than within heavy application servers. This post will show how to embed the Jetty Server within a Java application. It will load a war file that is part of the project and that lives as a maven sub-module.