DevOps Consultant – Sopra Steria

Sven Malvik - DevOps Consultant from Oslo/Norway

Sven Malvik – Sopra Steria – DevOps Consultant from Oslo/Norway

Sven Malvik – Sopra Steria
Yesterday, we locked people into a room so they could together deploy, run updates or make changes to the infrastructure in a calculated order without making any mistakes. That doesn’t need to be the way we work anymore. Today, we have plenty of tools−many of us call them DevOps tools−that help us to make those tasks going faster, easier and with less problems. As a DevOps Engineer I’m most of my time working on simplification using these tools. My job is it to involve stakeholders from business, development, test, and operations to align on common goals and make these goals happen. Visit my blog and read about DevOps.

Can I contact you?

Of course, just visit my LinkedIn profile and leave me a message. Or just contact me directly.



Since my time at the University of Hamburg/Germany where I studied computer science I feel a strong commitment to web development and its possibilities to create services that make our life easier and happier. I strongly believe in frameworks and design practices like Scrum, Kanban and Continuous Delivery. Streamlining processes and delivering faster and in better quality is where I get my inspiration from.

I am most happy when I learn how to go faster and then to implement it into teams.

With over one decade of experience in web development and architecture my main competences is in Web Development in the context of Continuous Delivery. Broad knowledge of technologies due to experience of wide variety of applications and systems. Work well within teams of different business areas, knowledge and experience, cultures and languages. Committed to be productive and to deliver in time.

Continuous Delivery For IT Business (Ebook)

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