Top 5 Java Related Technologies.

Here are the top 5 technologies that all great Java developers have experience with. The best Java developers I have worked together with, all have amazing understanding about these 5 technologies. Git, Maven, Regex, Jenkins, and ssl handling are all important, and chances are super high that you will get in touch with some of these in your next Java project - I guess you already have.


Git is a version control system. It keeps track of all the changes that are made in your code. It knows what has changed, when something was changed, and by whom the change was made. It’s a must have tool for every software project, small or big. Truth is, Git is more and more used also by people that want to keep track of recipes, books, documents, and data sets. You must get familiar with Git if you don’t already have.


Many will probably disagree with this one: “Maven? no way, Gradle is much better …”. You’re maybe right. The point is that Maven is used in many projects all over the world. But what is Maven? It’s a “build management tool”. Maven is for defining how your java files get compiled to classes, packaged into .jar, .war or .ear files, and many others sorts of tasks that are required to build your project. Maven makes life easier. But as always, there are alternatives.

Regular Expressions - Regex

A regular expression is a special text string for describing a search pattern. You can think of regular expressions as wildcards on steroids. It’s often used in Java projects for validating, finding, extracting and replacing text elements. You should really become good at creating regular expressions. There’re not many Java developers that are good at it. If you are the only one in your project, you might be the hero in your department. At least, it can save you a lot of time. Regular expressions are also very easy to learn. There’s zero setup and you can also train online.


Once you’re finished coding, you might want to see your product in production. But wait, what about quality assurance? What about security checks? What about integration tests with other systems? You don’t want to trigger each job manually. Jenkins will start all your jobs in sequence or in parallel, or in whatever setup you wish. Jenkins is a continuous integration and continuous delivery application that lets you automate your delivery pipeline.

Ssl Communication

Handling secure communication between systems is not an easy task. Especially not when there are other systems like a load balancer in between. You need to handle certificates. Many Java developers got great respect for those kind of tasks and try to avoid them. If you learn how to deal with ssl, you’re a real hero to many. The good news is, secure communication is easier to understand than you think. There’s always a sender with a key, and receiver that wants to trust that key. It’s that simple.


That were my Top 5 Java Related Technologies. My wish is that many more Java developers learn and respect at least Git. Git is my number one technology every Java developer should be able to manage. But also Maven and the others will shoot you to the top of the best Java develops.

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