Why Continuous Documentation Is Cool.

Selling solution to a problem should always include documentation. Documentation that is fun to read. It’s why it must and will become part of Continuous Delivery. But how can we do that? Until now it was almost impossible. Maybe because it was boring, not technical at all. Time has past, and there have come great solutions.

Power Of Sharing.

Power of sharing is a term that we use at Sopra Steria, what by the way was elected as Norway’s best employer in 2016. It makes crystal clear that a company is strong through its employees. And it becomes even stronger if everybody shares their knowledge with others. So, how can we do that? There are many ways, and one way of sharing knowledge is through understandable, readable and updated documentation of your project. Let’s discuss how we can do that.

Always Updated.

You think it’s impossible to have your documentation follow your project and have it always updated? Let me tell you that you’re wrong. We all are familiar with Javadoc. But did you know that you easily can customize javadoc and extract whatever you want from your code and present it however you want? Think of it for a moment. How would you document your classes now? How would you document your modules? What names will you give your classes, variables and methods? You can simply generate a textbook and sell it on Amazon if you want - how amazing is that!

Create Textbooks That Are Fun To Read.

Documentation doesn’t need to be boring. If you are working on an open source project, make sure you got updated documentation that is fun to read. Write simple, readable and understandable sentences. Add pictures and diagrams, add readme files to each module that you will include in your generated documentation.


The first step towards continuous documentation is through automation. Get familiar with javadoc and asciidoc, and make your generated documentation part of your Jenkins pipeline. In a later blog I will explain in detail how you can generate a textbook of a Java project from GitHub and sell it on Amazon. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will soon get the video on how to generate a textbook from a Java project and sell it on Amazon.

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